​​​​​​​Lake Minnetonka Conservation District is Declaring High Water to Promote Public Safety and Protect the Lake and the lakeshore from erosion and damage. Until further notice, the minimum wake areas on Lake Minnetonka will be extended to 600 feet from shore throughout the lake and certain bays are entirely minimum wake (meaning speeds less than 5 mph or speeds slow enough to create a minimum wake). Lake Minnetonka remains open to the public. Regular speed limits apply in all other areas of the bays.

Reduced watercraft speeds of less than 5 mph in extended minimum wake areas will help minimize erosion of shorelines, damage to structures, and protect the public from possible accidents. It can also be very relaxing. The HCSO Water Patrol and other agencies will be helping to educate boaters and monitor speeds and wakes. Thank you for being a safe boater and protecting our lake. View the High Water Declaration Handout for a map and details. For more information about high water requirements and safety tips, visit this webpage.

** Information Taken Directly from the Lake Minnetonka Conservation District website **