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“The City of Lakes and Parks”

The city of Victoria was established in 1851 after a European settler migrated from St. Paul and set up a homestead for his family. The city is named after the St. Victoria Church near Lake Bavaria. Victoria saw rapid growth in the late 1800’s as word spread of the fertile soil for farming and the railroad from St. Paul extended to Victoria.

Victoria has its own Police & Fire departments and City Hall. According to crime statistics, Victoria is safer than 82% of the cities in the United States.

Victoria has been nicknamed “The City of Lakes and Parks” because it has over 200 acres of reserved land, thirteen parks, and nine lakes within its borders. Victoria is also home to the Carver Park Reserve which is a 1800 acre wildlife preserve.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The city of Victoria has a charming and vibrant downtown area. This pedestrian friendly downtown area has lots of quaint little shops and fun places to eat. Downtown Victoria exudes a small town vibe and lends its charming hand to building community amongst its residents.

Insider Tips

Parks & Nature

This relatively small city has over 200 acres of reserved land, 27 parks, and 12 lakes within its borders. Victoria is also home to the Carver Park Reserve and that is a must visit with a wildlife sanctuary, walking trails, wooded terrain and camping opportunities.


​​​​​​​The Noble Lion, Victoria House, School of the Wise, Vic’s Bar and Grill, Rulette’s Pizza, the Social Ice Cream Parlour, Dairy Queen, Ruby’s Roost Bakery and Coffee, Floyd’s Bar, and Season’s Restaurant.

Victoria Schools

The city of Victoria is served by the Eastern Carver County School District. This school district focuses on something called personalized learning. Personalized learning has specific defined element that are put into place across the district and each student plays an active role in shaping their learning experience. Each student is encourage to work at their own pace and most students end up working beyond their grade level in reading or math. The school district serves roughly 9,475 students grades Pre-K through twelfth grade. They also offer a dual language immersion elementary program and a two year kindergarten program for those students who aren’t quite ready for kindergarten but are eager for something more than preschool.

​​​​​​​Schools in Eastern Carver County School District

  • ​​​​​​​Bluff Creek Elementary
  • Carver Elementary
  • Chanhassen Elementary
  • Clover Ridge Elementary
  • East Union Elementary
  • Jonathan Elementary
  • La Academia & Kinder Academy
  • Victoria Elementary
  • Chaska Middle School East
  • Chaska Middle School West
  • Pioneer Ridge Middle School
  • Chanhassen High School
  • Chaska High School
  • Integrated Arts Academy

Real Estate Insight

With natural beauty, new schools, plenty of room to stretch out and a vibrant downtown area Victoria is a wonderful place to call home. The average Victoria home sold in 2017 for $512,417 with 91 days on market.

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